5 Digital Artist Mistakes that Stop You From Improving

Not seeing improvements in your artwork, and not sure why?

So you bought some premium brushes from a certain famous digital artist with hopes that it would be a game changer for YOUR artwork…

… but not seeing stunning improvement? 😑

That’s OK.  I’m going to show you 5 of the most common digital art mistakes that I see from learners all the time.  I’ll also show you easy ways to fix them so you DO see satisfying improvements in your own skills.  I got you!

We’ll cover:

  • The secret to not overusing the soft round brush
  • How to use the smudge tool to blend in Photoshop
  • My absolute favorite color theory hack for artists: the L recipe
  • Why using the same brushes your favorite artists use doesn’t mean your art will look the same
  • What happens when you zoom in too much while you’re painting, and what you should be doing instead

These are quick fixes that you can implement today.

When you’re ready to go beyond YouTube videos and follow a planned Learning Path that will really move you from beginner artist to advanced, check out the Digital Painting Academy. 👇


This success path is more than a course. It’s a learning journey to help digital artists like you paint from your imagination.

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