How to Paint a Skull in 3 Steps

Want to learn how to paint a skull in 3 simple, no-fuss steps?

Did you participate in our recent Paintable Discord challenge: Render a realistic-looking skull? 💀

After I finished and submitted my skull, I got some great questions from the participants around how I created it. So I recorded this speed painting to show you the 3 quick & simple steps I took:

  1. Sketch the skull using a reference image as a guide
  2. Bring in some volume by adding basic values and texture without getting into too much detail
  3. Add realistic depth and dimension to the skull with occlusion shadows
I go into each step in detail in the video. 👇

In the video, I also show you a great free online tool called Sketchfab that I use to find 3D renderings of objects I want to paint. (This is how I found a great angle of a skull I used for warm-up sketches in this tutorial.)

Want to hop into one of our upcoming free digital art challenges? I’d love for you to join us! Hop into the Paintable Discord community, then find the #paintable-challenges channel. 🙌


This success path is more than a course. It’s a learning journey to help digital artists like you paint from your imagination.

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