How to Paint a Photo Study – in 20 mins

Want to learn how to paint a photo study quickly and easily?

Creating a series of quick photo studies over a number of days is a great (and fun!) way for digital art beginners to get better at painting fast!

The secret to creating photo studies from reference photos in 20 mins or less is to focus your attention on just 3 things:

  1. blocking the shapes
  2. adding texture with texture brushes
  3. capturing the gesture or motion within the reference

In this video, I’ll show you these 3 steps as I create a beachy flamingo scene for one of the Paintable Community Challenges:

This flamingo was painted for one of our free weekly art challenges in the Paintable Discord community.

Join us in the community to show off your art, get to know other digital artists like you, get (and give) feedback, and participate in new weekly art challenges!

Also- you can download the free Paintable Texture Brush set that I use in this video right here (they come with tutorials on how to use them): 👇

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