How to Draw a Digital Portrait Like a Pro: Sketching Tutorial

Ever spend hours figuring out how to draw a digital portrait, only to zoom out and realize something’s just “off”?

You’ve spent so long sketching, merging layers, and painstakingly adding in the details… only to discover that your portrait doesn’t resemble your reference — or even a person at all!

Even worse, it’s impossible to fix without losing hours of progress.

But all of this is avoidable.

How? By getting your sketch right!

In this tutorial, I show you my personal process to draw a digital portrait like a pro.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to build the perfect base layer to begin building your masterpiece, and avoid wasting hours on a portrait you won’t be satisfied with
  • The 3 classic sketching methods developed by world-class artists, and my own “Observation Measurement” method that blends all three… with a twist!
  • How to use a second sketch to nail all the details and bring your digital painting to life before you even start adding color
  • Why proportions are crucial even if you’re going for a “cute”, exaggerated, or stylized look

👉 For more tips on sketching, check out my video that walks you through 5 super-easy tips to level-up your drawings… even if you’re a beginner!

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