21 Vibrant Digital Paintings of Ibrahem Swaid

Colorful, saturated, fresh… these words describe the artistic style of talented Syrian game designer and digital illustrator Ibrahem Swaid.

You may recognize him all over the internet as Noobovich. 🤩

When he’s not creating extraordinary characters, Ibrahem teaches up-and-coming digital artists how to create portraits and narrative illustrations from sketch to final. (Peruse his tutorials on Artstation and Gumroad.)

Take a peek into his story so far as a successful freelance illustrator and concept artist:

“I started digital art during high school, then joined a college of fine arts. While I wanted to keep doing comics and character designs, my instructors pushed me to move towards modern art. So I did experimental work for two years, and I kept learning digital painting from online classes.

I took a full time job for a month, then moved to freelancing. I started working as a UI designer for interactive TV games, slowly building my illustration portfolio. With some luck, I got one of my Diablo 3 fan art pieces picked up by Blizzard and posted on their front page! That got my career kicked off, doing illustrations for games.”
Have a browse through this selection of the best artwork from Ibrahem Swaid below… then follow him on Instagram, learn from him with one of his tutorials or Twitch streams, and show him your support on Artstation!

See more of Ibrahem on the web:


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