Painting Crystals And Gems – Digital Painting Walkthrough

“How do I get a translucent look when painting crystals and gems?”

Taking on the challenge of painting shiny, semi-transparent objects like crystals and gems, amber and sea glass is not for the faint of heart!

Understanding how to get a realistic see-through lighting effect on objects can give your digital painting skills and entirely new dimension.

In this video, I’ll show you how I approach painting 2 glowing, faceted crystals that bounce reflected light off of each other.

You’ll see some of the essential tools and techniques I use in my daily art processes, such as the pen tool, group masks, blur effects and more…

Tips to help you paint unique crystals:

  • Study the lighting on similar objects from a reference board
  • Draw multiple sketches to find a good design
  • Keep in mind the direction of the light source when painting the cuts (facets) on the crystal
  • Use texture brushes to add grains to the crystals and gems
  • Add small imperfections for a more realistic look

👉 If you need a more in-depth tutorial on lighting and shadows in general, check out this video on painting from imagination.

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